Unbeatable, Episode 5

September 17, 2010 on 2:28 pm | In Podcast | 1 Comment

This time, Vexx and I are joined by SilverLunarWing, Author/Artist of Shinka: the Last Eevee.

We still make idiots out of ourselves, mess up yet another plug, and Silver and Vexx break out into song a couple times.  We interview Silver about her comic and then talk a little about lighting and tones.  Enjoy!

It’s 52 minutes 58 seconds long.  The file is 48.5 MB.  Now that I’ve beaten Birth by Sleep, maybe I’ll get a chance to test out that player.  Someday.


My e-mail for questions/suggestions: vye_brante(@)yahoo.com

Vexx’s e-mail for questions/suggestions: vexx001(@)hotmail.co.uk

SilverLunarWing’s e-mail if you want to ask her something: lifeiscrazygewd(@)aim.com

I hope I got that one right. Just be sure to remove the () and they’ll work.

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  1. Err… This one seems to be 24 seconds long for me. MAybe my computer keeps downloading it wrong?

    Comment by Aul — September 27, 2010 #

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