Unbeatable Episode 9: Advertising

November 20, 2010 on 6:50 pm | In Podcast | No Comments

Late this episode because I’ve been sick and didn’t have a voice last week, and then was lazy this week. But we’re here now! But I warn you in advance, Vexx and Lucky were both using new microphones. Lucky was a bit loud, and then Vexx was a bit quiet. Not much I could do volume wise, so sorry! I turned Vexx up a little when I could but I am sorry about the differences in volume.

We set a new record with this episode I think! The longest so far, with the least about of useful content. We do interview Lucky7s76 at least.

Seriously though, let us know when we ramble too much. We do manage to talk about a few ways to get your comic out there, so hopefully there will be something worthwhile.

Vexx threw in a question he received and we answer it too, but I thought up another answer after the recording was over. So the question was essentially, from what I understood, when would being too original be a bad thing? I have another answer in the podcast, but I also thought of this; if the idea is so odd that it makes people wonder why it even has Pokemon in it, then it isn’t suited for a Pokemon comic. It still should make sense to work with Pokemon. You shouldn’t ever think that the comic would be better off without them.

Hope that answers your question too! You’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear the other thoughts.

Unbeatable Episode 9 Download

It’s 54.6 MB and 59:38 minutes long this time. Hey, at least we kept it under an hour! Barely . . .

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This week’s plug: Flame Shadow’s Time and Darkness

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